Lawn Irrigation Systems Maintenance in Bartlett, TN

automatic lawn sprinkler maintenance

Automatic sprinkler on the lawn

Your existing lawn irrigation system requires maintenance and upkeep every now and then for it to run properly and last long. You never want to have an irrigation system break down because you never keep up with maintaining the condition.

At Kennedy Lawns, we are servicing Bartlett, TN for lawn irrigation maintenance for existing lawn irrigation systems. If your lawn sprinkler system is not running properly, we can come out to your residence in Bartlett, TN to take a look at the issue at hand.

Intelligent irrigation system

Lawn Irrigation Problems Can Occur

Every lawn sprinkler can acquire issues along the way, but it’s important to remember these problems can be fixed by hiring a maintenance team. Some of the common problems you may notice are:

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Sprinkler Heads Not Popping Up
  • Sprinkler Zones (Specific Ones) Not Turning On
  • Leaks Around the Zones
  • Leaks Around Other Zones Not Working
Intelligent irrigation system
Automatic Sprinkle plants in the garden

Automatic Sprinkle plants in the garden

When you notice some of these problems occur with your lawn irrigation system, it’s best if you contact a professional lawn service such as Kennedy Lawns, so we can get down to the bottom of the problem and offer solutions to fix the issues.

Clogged sprinklers also may occur, which can cause issues with your lawn irrigation system working properly. When doing other landscaping tasks such as mowing the lawn, it’s important to know where your sprinkler heads are at because you could damage them if you’re not careful with the lawnmower.

If you’re in need of lawn irrigation maintenance for your sprinkler system in Bartlett, TN, contact Kennedy Lawns at 601-941-4429 today or contact us here for more information!